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To ICO or IPO?


A lot of our friends and family have asked about conducting or contributing to an ICO or IPO and what the difference is. In an effort to clarify, here are our thoughts, learnings, and how we implement them at our own company.

The Evolution & Lessons of Venture Capital (VC):
VC 1.0 = offline via Family, . . .

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June 15, 2018

Introducing The MANNA Robotics Store!

Our online store is now live and open for business

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Celebrating Tech Stars

Fundamentally we believe that just as Movie stars, Sport stars, Rock stars, Rap stars and the like inspire young children to grow up to stand on the shoulders of their heroes, Tech stars can do the same. Recently, Elon Musk famously sold 50K Boring Co. hats for $20/ea for a total of $1M and 20K . . .

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February 08, 2018

MANNA from Heaven

Drone delivery for the Masses is ready to launch. Help us takeoff!

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While interning at UPenn’s GRASP Lab in 2012, Eric Smalls, now CEO of MANNA Robotics, began dreaming of inventing a drone delivery system. Later, in a prescient blog post to the Stanford Robotics Club, he said this, “The goal is to build and program a [drone], create a payload delivery system, and develop an app for the user that allows . . .

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January 26, 2018

Machines of Loving Grace

By Richard Brautigan (1967)

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I like to think (and
the sooner the better!)
of a cybernetic meadow
where mammals and computers
live together in mutually
programming harmony
like pure water
touching clear sky.

I like to think
(right now, please!)
of a cybernetic forest
filled with pines and electronics
where . . .

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January 18, 2018